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Editing Services

I help fantasy authors create captivating worlds of intrigue and possibility.


Magic cannot mask the darkness in the world, but it can fill the air with the tantalizing feeling that anything could happen.

This world is not quite like ours, yet the differences only highlight the similarities.

These are the stories that I love, and they are the stories that I can help you create.

I am an editor specializing in dark fantasy stories with an atmosphere of intrigue — crime, thrillers, even mysterious performance stories.

I’m a writer, like you. I share your passion for the written word.

I’m also a reader, and I want to help you enrich the world for readers like me by creating wonderful stories that stand the test of time.

Together, we’ll explore the world that you’ve created. We’ll map out the territory and choose a path that will take your readers on an exhilarating journey from first page to last — and leave them dreaming of visiting again.


Not your typical editing advice…

Editor Seals-03.png

I am a Story Grid Certified Editor. I have trained with Shawn Coyne, an editor with over 25 years experience, to learn a proven method for telling a story that works.

Other editors may give you vague feedback.

“It lost me somewhere in the middle.”

“I didn’t identify with your characters.”

Or the worst thing for a fantasy author to hear: “I don’t know, it just wasn’t believable.”

It’s important to know when the words aren’t working, but that kind of feedback does nothing to help you improve your story. It’s like going to the doctor and leaving with a list of your symptoms. The Story Grid system diagnoses the problems, identifying not only the symptoms, but also the root causes and possible solutions.

With me, you’ll never be left wondering what to do next.


I’ll give you clear, actionable steps to immediately improve your story.

  • Analysis of your story’s arc to keep readers turning pages from beginning to end

  • Detailed scene breakdowns to maintain narrative drive

  • Genre insights to tap into readers’ expectations and can create iconic moments

  • Reliable techniques for creating unforgettable characters

  • Simple systems to create detailed, original worlds that will captivate readers


Available Services


Story GRID Diagnostic

A deep dive into your finished manuscript will give you the tools you need to take your story to the next level.

  • A detailed analysis of your story

  • A one-hour call to discuss my findings and recommendations

  • Clear steps to improve your draft

  • Completed within four weeks for a novel — one week for a short story

Short Short Story (Up to 3,000 words): $250

Short Story (Up to 7,500 words): $500

Novel (Up to 80,000 words): $1,250

Add $250 for each additional 10,000 words

Story coaching

This ongoing coaching service is perfect for you if you do not have a finished draft, or if you want to work on specific aspects of your craft in focused sessions.

  • One hour coaching sessions

  • Detailed discussion of up to 5,000 words of writing per session

  • We’ll come up with goals for each session to keep you moving forward

4 sessions: $1,000

It all starts with a phone call. Contact me for a free consultation, and together we’ll figure out the best service to help you tell your story.


Let’s work together!

Just fill out the form below, and I’ll contact you to set up a free 30-minute call. We’ll chat about your project and how I can help you move forward with it. I know that you can tell an amazing story. Let’s make it happen together.

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