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I grew up with my nose in a book.


I was a quiet kid who did well in school and followed the rules—mostly. The only time I would get in trouble was when I was reading when I shouldn't be. I hid a paperback in my Spanish textbook to sneak a story into class. My teacher saw it, of course. Stealth is not my strong suit. She let me off with a warning and I kept on reading — just not in her class.

On the weekends, I would spend most of my time lost in a story. My family lived in a small town, and I was an only child. I had a lot of time to spend how I wanted, and I chose books. I would get so engrossed in the story that I would forget to eat. In the evenings, I fought off sleep for one more chapter. Stories were everything. I always knew, deep down, that I had to become a writer.

Somehow, as I entered adulthood and started to fend for myself, that dream went unrealized. I went to college at Yale, where I studied economics and international studies and worked at a child psychology lab. After graduation, I did a little freelance writing but found a job in finance. A series of twists, turns, and opportunities led me to a career in data science and analysis, which I have been doing for the past several years.

I never gave up on my dream of being a writer, and now I am making that a reality. As I look back on the path that my life has taken, I realize that there has been a common thread running through all of my pursuits.: economics, psychology, data analysis, and writing. All of them center on a search for understanding. I'm looking for patterns, for meaning, for why we do what we do.

My husband, Keith, and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can often be found on an adventure in the woods or underwater. And the rest of the time? My nose is probably in a book.

My stories have been published on Short Fiction Break and the Writers’ Games Anthology 2018 (coming soon). I am working on my first novel, a dark fantasy filled with crime, romance, and adventure.